Max Publishing Events

Max Publishing holds a series of specialist awards events each year. These events are attended by thousands of industry collegues, and at each event a raffle is held with all proceeds going to The Light Fund.

Should you wish to donate a prize for any of these events, please contact the Max Publishing owners - Ian Hyder, Jakki Brown, Rob Willis. (Click a name to email).

Their events include:

The Brand & Lifestyle Licensing Awards
20 October 2021

The Retas
16 October 2021

The Licensing Awards
14 September 2021

The Greats
23 September 2021

The Excellence in Housewares Awards
6 October 2021

The Henries
7 October 2021

Progressive Preschool Awards
11 November 2021

All event details can be found at

* The raffle proceeds from The Excellence in Housewares Awards are shared equally with a housewares industry charity, in keeping with a historic arrangement.