Applying for funds

The Light Fund portal for charity project applications for funding closed for this year on 10 November 2023.  It will not re-open until October 2024 for the next batch of submissions.

Over 150 submissions were received from a wide variety of registered charities in 2023, each proposing projects to be funded that will help men, women and children either in the UK or overseas. All these submissions were considered by The Light Fund trustees and committee members, who individually voted for the ten projects they would most like to see funded. All votes were then correlated and the projects receiving the highest number of votes will receive the funds from The Light Fund. The Light Fund’s fundraising activities take place throughout the year and as such the number of charity projects The Light Fund can support depends on the amount raised (which can vary enormously from year to year). Charities will be informed in mid-December if they have been successful, and the project details are featured on this website under the beneficiaries’ tab.
Thinking ahead… charities wishing to prepare themselves for applying in 2024, should note that all UK registered charities (concerned with helping men, women or children) in the UK and/or overseas are invited to submit a proposal for a distinct project they would like to be considered for funding from The Light Fund. In the case of charities operating outside of the UK, they must have a UK registered charity number to be considered for The Light Fund funding. We will only accept one project submission per registered charity, unless the submissions are from different strands of the charity, eg regional divisions. The charity project proposals should be for £5000 (or less) and if funded, will need to be completed in 2025.