Beneficiaries 2017 - £110,068 raised

Alzheimer’s Society: £5000
Research to improve diagnosis of dementia: focused on a new test to differentiate between the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and changes seen in healthy ageing.
Baby Lifeline: £5000
£5,000 will buy a bilirubinometer for the community midwifery department at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust. This non-invasive machine will be used by midwives in the community to check for jaundice in babies, so they can provide care closer to home and help prevent admissions to hospital. The purchase of this machine will benefit 400 babies a year in Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.
Bliss: £5000
Premature and sick babies have better chances of survival and good long-term health when parents are confident, well-informed, and involved in their baby’s care. This grant will help fund volunteers, known as Bliss Champions, who are the link between parents, unit staff, and Bliss services.
Bowel Cancer UK: £5000
To make a significant contribution to establishing the first Bowel Cancer UK/Royal College of Surgeons England Research Fellow. The Fellow will develop a set of technical training guidelines for surgeons learning a specific surgical technique which will reduce the likelihood of errors occurring. This will increase the chances of patients living with better bowel function and with less risk of the cancer recurring.
Challenge Africa: £5000
Children’s Brain Tumor Charity: £5000
To support the Children's Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium. CBTTC is an international and collaborative research effort centred at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and currently including an additional 14 world-class medical institutions around the globe.
Children with Cancer UK: £5000
To part-fund research into Wilms’ tumour, a cancer of the kidney mostly affecting children under five, a three year project focusing on developing advanced MRI techniques to enable childhood kidney tumours treated earlier, more accurately and before surgery, ultimately resulting in higher survival rates for children with cancer.
Dogs for Good: £5000
To help fund an assistance dog’s training costs to benefit an autistic child on the waiting list for an assistance dog. The dog is trained to carry out task work that helps an autistic child remain safe and calm in situations they find stressful.
MIND: £5000
Local Minds run arts based projects through the Creative Therapies Grant Fund to help people live with and recover from, at times, debilitating mental health problems. The grant will fund one of these key projects, and support around 40-50 people, who are often unsupported elsewhere, to cope better with their mental health problem.
Motor Neurone Disease Association:  £5000
This pilot project will provide group or 1:1 support sessions for up to 40 children affected by a family member with MND to help build their emotional resilience, for example through art, music, animal or play therapies – providing light before the end of the tunnel.
Multiple Sclerosis UK: £5000
To fund a Functional Electrical Stimulus bike; a specialised exercise bike that uses electric currents to stimulate nerves, enabling people with MS, who have limited or no mobility in their arms or legs, to power the cycle using their own muscles. This is essential for them to manage their condition and live a full life.
New Horizon Youth Centre: £5000
To part-fund the Social Enterprise Project (SEP) a business training programme, to be delivered to NH clients and local unemployed young people, that will support clients to set up their own business. Over the course of a year they will work with 120 young people.
New Life Special Babies Unit: £5000
Orchid Trust: £5000
Railway Children: £5000
To help fund ‘open shelters’ – open 24/7 on/near the platforms as a safe space within the community to give each child not only a shelter but also a place where they can play, dance but also keep their belongings/earnings, access basic health care and quality flexible education which will link them back into mainstream schools eventually or vocational training for the older children.
Spread a Smile: £4740
Will provide five separate monthly visits to seriously ill children and teenagers at The Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel over a period of five months, including a variety of magicians, singers, fairies, face painters & art workshops.
St. George’s Hospital Charity: £4000
The Children’s Appeal aims to transform the health and wellbeing of children and young people, giving them the best chance to fulfil their potential. The equipment will enable doctors and nurses to give the best possible care to very sick children in the hospital.
The Brain Tumour Charity: £5000
The Brainy Bag is a fun and educational resource for children directly affected by a brain tumour. It acts as a communication tool and helps further a child’s understanding of their illness, helping them to cope and feel comfortable talking about their brain tumour. The grant will help to continue providing this essential tool to children faced with a brain tumour diagnosis in 2018.
The Children’s Trust: £5000
To fund a new specialised bath for Jasmine House. Benefiting 12 profoundly disabled children. The house has needed a new bath for over 2 years as current one is not fit for purpose. Safe and comfortable bathing is vital for the health & well-being of the children.
Variety the Children’s Charity: £2328
Let's Play Banbury provides play and leisure opportunities for disabled children and young people aged 5-25 years old. Variety will use the grant to fund a playhouse, interactive waterfall and Lego base plates, to create a sensory space that would provide a calming and relaxed environment for the children after a day at school.
WaterHarvest: £4000
In Choti-Devi village (India) people from the impoverished underclass Dalit community are forced to drink the only available, saline, water, which causes irreversible bone damage, stunting and ill-health. This will fund 14 family roof-rainwater systems to capture safer rainwater for drinking and ensure sustainable drinking water at home, improve children's health, set girls free to attend school, and enable people to break the cycle of disadvantage.
Whizz-Kidz: £5000
To provide a bespoke powered wheelchair for one young person and enable them to lead a fun and active childhood.
Grand Total: £110,068