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Chairman of The Light Fund
Trevor Jones (Licensing Consultant)
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Treasurer of The Light Fund
David Scott (Rainbow Productions)
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Company Secretary of The Light Fund
Alicia Davenport (DRi Licensing)
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Day to day contacts:
Ian Hyder (Max Publishing)
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Jakki Brown (Max Publishing)
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The Light Fund
Unit 3, Greenlea Park
Prince George’s Road
London - SW19 2JD
Telephone: 020 7700 6740

The Light Fund Committee:
Jones (Chairman) Consultant, David Scott (Treasurer) Rainbow Productions, Alicia Davenport (Company Secretary) Dri Licensing.

Alison Downie Hti, Ashley Holman Riverside Brands, Caroline High Boatrocker, Hannah Mungo NBC Universal, Ian Downes Start Licensing, Ian Hyder Max Publishing, Jakki Brown Max Publishing, Katie BallKelvyn Gardner LIMA UK, Max Arguile Reemsborko, Paul Hodgson FOCO, Sabrina Segalov Sanrio, Vicky Hill Bulldog Licensing.

Northern Committee: 
Downie Dreamtex, Anthony Duckworth Dreamtex, David Aykroyd Aykroyd & Sons, Jo Duckworth Dreamtex, Sion Aykroyd Aykroyd & Sons.

Website / Digital / Marketing
Rob Willis (Max Publishing) - email.